Potential Volunteer In Cambodia Cost Sheet

Visa on arrival for 30 days: $25 (can be renewed for 30 more days @ $45)


  • We are happy to recommend good places to stay and/or help people make arrangements. Agoda.com is good website for looking at Siem Reap hotels.
  • A simple room with a fan will cost $8 and up.
  • A clean, safe, comfortable room with a/c will cost $15/night and up.
  • A nicer room at a hotel with a pool will cost $25/night and up.


  • Three meals a day can cost as little as $8-10 if you’re frugal or as much as you would like to spend.
  • There is a huge variety of food available: Italian, Indian, Korean, Thai, Khmer, French, etc.
  • Local foods from locally owned streetside restaurants are cheap – $2.00 can buy a large portion of rice with chicken, pork, or fish.
  • Mid-range restaurants run about $3-7 per meal.
  • Supermarkets have a wide variety of foods (bread, cheese, yogurt, canned goods, etc.) and the fresh markets are full of incredibly inexpensive fruits and vegetables.


  • From the airport to the city costs about $8 by tuktuk
  • A tuktuk ride within Siem Reap city is usually about $2-3 each way, depending on distance. A moto-taxi is cheaper.
  • A bicycle can be rented for $2/day or purchased for $40 and then donated to a Safe Haven family.

For those interested in sight-seeing:

  • Tickets to the Angkor Wat temple complex are $20/day.
  • A temple guide can be hired for $25-30/day, or there’s an excellent book for self-guided tours that costs about $25 and makes an excellent souvenir.
  • A tuktuk for the whole day to travel between temples costs $15 depending on where you want to go.