A theraputic and medical outreach program for children with disabilities and medical needs in Cambodia.

Safe Haven is a registered organization with the Royal Government of Cambodia

Safe Haven is a registered 5011c3 U.S. Charity EIN ##45-5114008

Safe Haven is an approved project of the Rotary Australia World Community Service

Kids - Mica

MicaMica was just 17 months when he became a Safe Haven Medical Outreach Early Intervention child. He had a birth deformity in his right leg just below his knee. The rest of the leg and foot did not develop normally. Our team worked with his family to build up his general health and stamina. He is now two years old. Safe Haven facilitated corrective surgery for his leg and worked to have him fitted with a prosthetic. Through regular physical therapy, Mica has learnt to walk well with his new leg, and is so fond of new leg that he actually cries when it has be taken off for check-ups! Our role now involves regular physiotherapy and making sure he attends follow-up appointments to receive new prosthetics as he grows.

You can see a video of his amazing progress on our website!